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Myrtaceae Pimenta racemosa (Miller) J. Moore

Myrtaceae Pimenta racemosa
| | W.D. Hawthorne

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Species information

Tree to 13m. Foliage scented strongly of lemon or citronella (bay rum). Petioles 5-10mm. Blade 5-15cm long, apex rounded or obtuse. Veins prominent above when dry. 5 calyx lobes. Plants glabrous whn mature, some fine hairs at first. Panicles 5-10cm. 1-4 seeded berry with peristent calyx at top.

(pimenta racemosa, Windward is=Bay tree->bay oil in perfumes and bay rum. Previously lvs mixed in rum and water. Soothing and antiseptic properties, and as hair tonic. Bay rum Manufactured in Trinidad from oil imported - occasionally drunk. A leaf tea or steam inhalation is used for fevers, and a bandage soaked in bay rum appied to the head to alleviate headaches and fevers. Add with other herbs to make relaxing and refreshing baths (Politi, 1996).

Specimen information

Collection Date

W.D. Hawthorne, S.Cable & D. Jules

Specimen Number

Botanical garden around waterfall.

Treelet 4 m tall. BARK: grey, smooth. SLASH: thin, small as leaves. TWIGS: squarish. LEAVES: thick and leathery, smell of cloves when crushed: US midrib channelled; LS secs and tertiaries slightly raised. (RHS colour code: Leaf upper =147A, below=144A)

Latitude: 12.050000 N   Longitude: 61.430000 W   Altitude: 170