To obtain more information on Fraxinus species, Oleaceae, noble hardwoods and forest genetic resources we reccommend the following links

Eva Wallander Fraxinus-Oleaceae website

Eva Wallander Fraxinus Homepage.- In this website you will find


EUFORGEN.- This is a collaborative mechanism among European countries to promote conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources. In its website you will find

  • Long-term conservation strategies
  • Guidelines for genetic conservation and use
  • Species distribution maps
  • Clone collections and databases (Populus nigra)
  • Descriptors and passport data
  • Bibliography of ‘grey literature’
  • Requirements for inventories
  • Image collections
  • and a vast list of links to other websites related to forestry and genetic resources

Other links mentioned within the FRAXIGEN website are the following:

· Ancient Tree Forum
· Country Land Association
· Countryside Agency
· English Nature
· Forestry & British Timber
· Forestry Commission
· Forestry journal
· Forestry & Timber Association
· Institute of Chartered Foresters
· National Farmers Union

· National Forest
· National Trust
· Queens Wood
· Royal Forestry Society
· Small Woods Association
· Woodland Heritage
· Woodland Trust

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