The project: an overview
FRAXIGEN strengthens the scientific basis for the sustainable conservation and regeneration of European Fraxinus populations, through a fuller understanding of the biological and ecological processes which have shaped Fraxinus populations in Europe



Download as PDFs the contents of the FRAXIGEN book "Ash species in Europe" and the leaflets "Practical guidelines for sustainable use" in six languages, with content specific for Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Partners Partners: countries, institutions and collaborators
FRAXIGEN includes partners from Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and UK, representing important parts of the native range of all three European Fraxinus species: F. excelsior, F. angustifolia, F. ornus
Results: brochures, reports, documents
FRAXIGEN provides much-needed guidance on selection of ecologically and genetically appropriate planting material, for the conservation of genetic diversity and sustainable management of many woodland types

CORDISEESDFRAXIGEN was a research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme and contributing to the implementation of the Key Action 2: Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development thematic programe, Contract n°: EVK2-CT-2001-00108

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